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House T a r t h of Evenfall Hall.


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Dealing with assholes was not at the description of the job

Jaime&Brienne week    |   O N E   S C E N E :  

Pain shuddered through him… and suddenly the bathhouse was spinning. Brienne caught him before he could fall. Her arm was all gooseflesh, clammy and chilled, but she was  s t r o n g , and gentler than he would have thought. Gentler than Cersei, he thought as she helped him from the tub, his legs wobbly as a limp cock.


Jaime and Brienne Appreciation Week : Day 3 - Favorite Symbolism

Sword fighting

❝She was all mud and blood below the waist, her clothing askew, her face red. She looks as if they caught us fucking instead of fighting.❞


Gwendoline Christie in TV Guide [x]

Jaime Lannister, ASOS   |  Jaime/Brienne Appreciation Week - Day 2: One Quote


Commission for crossing winter​  !  Hope you guys like. 


September 22nd, 1994

Gif meme » elfogadunk asked: Brienne of Tarth + 14 (body parts)

crossover: ah mo ne meets joo hong bin

Nikolaj arrives to the 62 San Sebastian film festival in San Sebastian, Spain [20.09.2014]

“Männer, ganz ehrlich, leckt mich alle am Arsch.” — E. B.

Jaime x Brienne + Text Posts

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