retitled ASOIAF novels:


Game of Thrones - Ned Stark Makes Poor Life Choices.
A Clash of Kings - Theon Greyjoy Makes Poor Life Choices.
A Storm of Swords - Robb Stark Makes Poor Life Choices.
A Feast for Crows - Cersei Lannister Makes Poor Life Choices.
A Dance With Dragons - Daenerys Targaryen Makes Poor Life Choices.
The Winds of Winter - I Wonder Who Else Will Be Making Poor Life Choices?
A Dream of Spring - All My Friends Are Dead.

  • reading smut in english: nice
  • reading smut in your native language: oh god... that's... that's actually really gross... you can't say that



A big strong peasant wench to look at her,
yet she speaks like one highborn and wears
longsword and dagger.
—Jaime, A Storm of Swords

How I loathed him, with all his taunts and smiles.
—Brienne, A Feast for Crows

Julian Morris as Ryan Geauxinue in New Girl 4x05

  • Brienne: The thought of me dead gives you an erection!?
  • Jaime: No, just half of one! The other half would have really missed you.

This whole review of “No Sanctuary”is pretty much a Carol love-fest:

In fact, most of “No Sanctuary” grappled with a question that Carol figured out for herself a long time ago: Are you the butcher or the cattle? By the time Carol is finished blowing Terminus apart, leaving dozens to die in order to save her friends, the answer is pretty clear. Carol is a butcher and now the show’s most fascinating—and formidable—character.

Which is both remarkable and unlikely. Carol is a woman and middle-aged, yet nobody’s sidekick. Women in action films and TV are frequently relegated to a handful of established tropes: the damsel in distress, the romantic interest, or, most frustratingly, the “Strong Female Character” who is just as smart, capable, and complex as her male counterparts (sometimes more so!) but nonetheless ends up useless to the plot, like Wyldstyle in The Lego Movie, or Trinity in The Matrix. (The Dissolve’s Tasha Robinson expertly unpacks more Strong Female Characters here.) The Walking Dead itself nearly established another useless trope with its handling of Andrea and Lori, the “Woman Constantly Making Out-of-Character, Terrible Decisions.”

But Carol is different. Though she has generally followed Rick’s herd from location to location, her personal story has unfolded almost independently of his. Her evolution from a meek and battered housewife, barely speaking a few lines per episode, to a complicated and efficient killer had more to do with her daughter Sophia’s death than the influence of any particular character. She’s also thus far avoided sexualization or being put into the “romantic interest” box—though she’s bonded with Daryl and even flirted with him a little, getting laid is obviously last on the lady’s priority list. And while Rick has spent season after season hemming and hawing about how to be a leader (or whether to be one at all), Carol has committed herself to ensuring survival for herself and those around her no matter the cost. An admirable priority this season would be to have Carol continue to evolve into—dare I even dream?—a leader of the group.


A Very Impromptu JB Meet-up occurred this weekend! And there is photographic evidence!

First picture: The lovely  khaleesiofwine  and the wonderful brienneoftarth 

Second picture: All of us! I’m in the rather bright owl top with the frizzy mop and ladygoldstraw is next to me

Third picture: Maisie Williams! She didn’t have time to stop and take photos though which would have been upsetting if this had been something we’d planned but we just kinda wandered up to the red carpet!

Fourth picture: khaleesiofwine will get her selfie with Maisie Williams somehow!

This is just a reminder that a proper, non-impromptu meet-up is happening in London, in December! If you too would like to come get snubbed by weird religious monks and stalk GoT stars


I was the cliché blonde in a red sports car for a while.


Hahaha OMG I just read this…

If you could play any other character, who would it be?
KN (Kristian Nairn):
DP (Daniel Portman): Just say me. 
KN: Yeah, Podrick. [ laughs] I think maybe Brienne. 
DP: I’d love to play Jaime Lannister. 
KN: We could totally make out! 

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“so exactly how fucking perverse can we have to make Evan Peters’ role before everyone in the fandom stops wanting to bang him” —

Ryan Murphy, probably (via parentalconsental)

Well, that backfired.

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All that was good, all that was fair,
All that was me is gone.