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Jaime is done with Cersei romantically.


I had a discussion with someone on twitter who responded to one of my Jaime x Brienne tweets asking if the JB story was romantic in the books, and if the books were worth reading for JB. And I said: yeah, it’s romantic! (I mean, objectively,  Brienne’s in love with Jaime, there’s mutual sexual attraction—this shit is romantic!) So, the person apparently started to read, probably got into the middle of ASoS and got nervous and tweeted me asking again if it was romantic, and I was like: yeah, dude, it’s romantic. So they got further, maybe AFfC, and tweeted me angrily: you said they were romantic! And I said … they are! And the person responded saying they’d been told, and had read, that Jaime/Brienne weren’t romantic and they weren’t going to happen. I was annoyed and stopped responding (because try having a discussion on twitter). But the whole exchange has haunted me.

I think the Brienne loving Jaime thing has pretty much been put to bed—she’s in love with him. (Hit my ask box if you’re foolish enough to try to disagree.) But people still say a lot of ridiculous and textually unfounded things about Jaime being incapable of moving on from Cersei. And they say even more ridiculous things about Jaime and Brienne never happening because he can’t. love. anyone else. evah! So, I’m gonna set up some men made of straw and break out my sword. Because …

Here’s the thing about Jaime and Cersei—they’re over.

I got an anon a while back that said “Jaime is totally still in lurv with Cersei!” and because of this stupid meme I was doing at the time, I could only agree or disagree. I had a difficult time answering, because while I think Jaime will always love Cersei, I don’t think he’s in love with her any longer. It’s almost like (brace yourself) this happened:

[Cersei’s] torch was the only light in the cavern. Her torch was the only light in the world. She turned to go.

“Stay with me,” Jaime pleaded. “Don’t leave me here alone.” But they were leaving. “Don’t leave me in the dark!” (A Storm of Swords)

Cersei was Jaime’s homing beacon, she was his lodestar. But she left him.

“Hey! Wait! she never left him! He’s just being stupid because he’s a big baby and Cersei’s not giving him enough attention about his hand! She didn’t leave him, omg!”

Ah, but, in Jaime’s mind? She did.

When Cersei was free of her marriage vows, she started sleeping with other guys. However you choose to validate her reasons for doing that, or insist she had no choice (delusional, but whatevs), Jaime thought they were in a committed relationship where he had to suffer her sleeping with Robert because Robert was her husband. People are entitled to their opinions about what Jaime had a right to expect from Cersei with regard to fidelity. But there’s no doubt what Jaime himself expected from her. There’s no doubt that what we see in AFfC is a man who believed his lover was as faithful to him as she could be, a man who assumed his lover was showing him as much fidelity as possible. Had Jaime deluded himself about who and what Cersei really was? Yes! He didn’t understand her, he didn’t know her, which is really his bad—if anyone should’ve understood her, it should have been Jaime! And, hey, we see him realize this at long last:

I thought that I was the Warrior and Cersei was the Maid, but all the time she was the Stranger, hiding her true face from my gaze. (A Feast for Crows)

Cue the ragey breakup song. He’s already past the sad ones at this point. Because, keep in mind, Jaime and Cersei are already mid-breakup by the time he gets confirmation from Lancel that Cersei was unfaithful. They started breaking up the minute Jaime got back to King’s Landing, walked into that sept, and began to see the reality of his relationship with Cersei.

She did not come to him, however. She has never come to me, he thought. She has always waited, letting me come to her. She gives, but I must ask. (A Storm of Swords)

That’s the sound of a shoe dropping. These are the thoughts of a man who’s been to hell and back and had his worldview readjusted along the way. He can’t keep deluding himself anymore, and he no sooner sees Cersei than he starts to finally allow some of the truth to seep in. But nobody walks away from a twenty year relationship in an instant. That kind of breakup is messy and slow. You can’t do it in half a book. Turns out it takes a book and a half to get the job done.

Jaime read it in the window seat, bathed in the light of that cold white morning. Qyburn’s words were terse and to the point, Cersei’s fevered and fervent. Come at once, she said. Help me. Save me. I need you now as I have never needed you before. I love you. I love you. I love you. Come at once.

Vyman was hovering by the door, waiting, and Jaime sensed that Peck was watching too. “Does my lord wish to answer?” the maester asked, after a long silence.

A snowflake landed on the letter. As it melted, the ink began to blur. Jaime rolled the parchment up again, as tight as one hand would allow, and handed it to Peck. “No,” he said. “Put this in the fire.” (A Feast for Crows)

That? Oh, that was the other shoe. In case you’re confused about what just happened there at the end of AFfC, let me make it clear for you:


“What? No! You’re not reading it right, you’re only reading what’s on the page. You have to look deeper to understand that Jaime’s just angry and hurt because he’s being a sillypants and thinks he can’t save Cersei. Oh my god, he even says he just can’t save her, that’s all, because he doesn’t have a hand, he can’t be her Warrior anymore. It’s only because of all his hand insecurity. He still loves her. You’re so basic. You can’t read, tbh. Can’t you read between the lines? Jaime’s going to go to King’s Landing and strangle Cersei and then kill himself, because he loves her so much, he’ll never love anyone else! Never! He never wanted any woman but Cersei! He said so! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”


The thing is, the text makes it clear that Jaime is done with Cersei. But, you know, I agree that you should take in more than just the text. I think the thing to do is to take a slight step back and look at the narrative.

The story is moving forward, and the characters are progressing through it. (“Oh my god, this bitch is gonna call it a Redemption Arc!”) Listen, Jaime is NOT static. Jaime changes. Not who he is, he’s always the same Jaime—but his priorities change. What he cares about changes.

The Jaime we see in ADwD is not in the same emotional place as the Jaime we met in his first chapter of ASoS. The wind doesn’t blow “through his tangled hair, as soft and fragrant as Cersei’s fingers” anymore, now it “riffled through his hair like a woman’s fingers”.

Let’s look at the progression of Jaime’s feelings for Cersei.

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I know you were recently an ally for the Emmy’s and George RR Martin was there, do you lobby him at all for the fate of Jaime in the books? [x]


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